PixelPoint POS is software for the hospitality counter that can be easily configured in all kinds of hospitality companies, so also perfect if you own a bar, cafeteria, theme park, small catering company, drive-through or a sports canteen. 

PixelPoint POS software is easy to adapt to your needs, even when they change. The functions in the PixelPoint POS software all work together, eliminating the need for costly integration. Working with PixelPoint is fast, easy and accurate. 

As a manager, PixelPoint POS enables you to accurately track and collect sales information. A cash register system with PixelPoint POS is easy to manage from your own workplace. Through a real-time dial-up connection, all POS functions in the back office program are easily accessible. So you can view the reports at any time of the day, or print them. The back office application can also simply be started up and used from the cash register.

This makes PixelPoint POS the ideal POS software for any hospitality company, from hotels or fast food chains to starred restaurants.

The most important advantages of PixelPoint POS POS software at a glance:

          • Advanced stock management. 
          • Automatic combo recognition. 
          • Automatic day closure. 
          • The automatic aisle arrangement provides a clear view of the kitchen. 
          • Interactive PixelPoint menu board. 
          • Timer for efficient time and attendance recording. 
          • Suitable for any hospitality environment. 
          • Handheld (PixelPoint Pocket PoS) 

PixelPoint HeadOffice

PixelPoint HeadOffice is a business management system for the Pixelpoint POS system, which integrates all aspects of business management.

Whether you want to manage one or more branches, with the simple and user-friendly BackOffice application of PixelPoint HeadOffice, this can be done in no time. Business-driven menu management, regional price enforcement, data storage, analysis, and much more is possible with PixelPoint HeadOffice.

Your administrator can program all business-related fields of PixelPoint POS and then transfer this programming to another location over the Internet. This means that tasks that need to be carried out throughout the enterprise can be modified at the push of a button. This can be done for each branch at the same time, without delay.

If you want to know the sales figures of all your branches over a certain period of time, the past week for example, that’s a piece of cake. We can even automate this, so that you always receive the sales figures in your mail at a fixed time, for example every Monday morning.

Managing your business has never been easier than with the help of PixelPoint HeadOffice.

Want to know more about PixelPoint HeadOffice? Contact us for a free consultation.

Cash register hardware
Freetime Hospitality offers the total solution for your POS system. We also take care of all accessories for your cash register, whether you work from a fixed point-of-sale or use a handheld. Freetime Hospitality ensures that checkout is always fast and efficient!

Printer and cash drawer
Are you looking for a printer to print your receipts? Freetime Hospitality has printers for various POS systems. The corresponding cash register rolls and ink ribbons are also available from us.

Handy and convenient order picking with the handheld of PixelPoint Pocket POS. Receive orders directly at the table, which are automatically passed on to the bar or kitchen. You can also pay directly at the table. The handheld ensures more turnover and more efficient work.

Cash register rolls
Freetime Hospitality supplies checkout rolls in many types, sizes and packaging units. All of top quality and at very competitive prices. A suitable cash register roll for every cash register or printer.

Cash drawer
Freetime Hospitality can help you get a cash drawer for your checkout. Manually or electronically, various divisions for coin and banknote compartments. Also for a cash drawer you have come to the right place.