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Receipt printer

Receipt printer does not work.


If the printer does not work, this can have several causes. You can check the following points:

  • Is the power cable connected properly? Is it plugged into the printer? Is it in the power outlet? Is the printer cable properly connected to the cash register?
  • Is the printer powered? You can tell by the green light that lights up at ‘power’.
  • Are any unusual lights burning that are red or any other color?
  • Is there something wrong with the paper in the printer?

If you have followed the steps above and the printer is not working yet, you can reset the printer.

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Press and hold the input button and turn the printer back on.
  3. Release the input button after 10 seconds and then turn the printer off/on again.
  4. A long test receipt should come out now.
  • If the cash register indicates a print-port error, it is possible that the cable input is broken. You can then plug the cable into another input of the cash register. However, to make it really work, you will need to adjust the settings in the back office.

If the receipt printer doesn’t work yet, please contact us.